My name is Masha Razner, I sell natural soap
and conduct workshops on soap-making in a cozy studio in the heart of old Jaffa
I've been crafting soap since 2007
Since 2016, I've been sharing my knowledge with students introducing them to all the nuaces and alchemy of this process.

I exclusively use natural plant oils and ingredients, experimenting with blends to demonstrate that entirely natural soap can be both beneficial for the skin and visually appealing with delightful scents.
My soap recipes feature a variety of luxurious oils like shea, sweet almond, cocoa, and olive.

With my formulas, the soap cleanses the skin effectively and gently.
For me, soap is more than just skincare
It embodies the fragrances of blooming gardens and spices, the palette of the sea floor and ancient cities, the taste of pomegranate and orange, gentle touches, and moments of tranquility.

It's a way to awaken all the senses and feel truly alive.
I'm grateful for the support of my children and husband,
whose assistance has turned my hobby into a genuine family business.
Welcome to our studio nestled under the stone arches.
Let’s admire, inhale, feel, and create together.
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Osek Patur Maria Razner
Tel Aviv - Yafo, Old Jaffa
Mazal Arie 20