Orange Mint Loofah

Crisp and uplifting soap bar!

This soap bar is made with fresh orange juice, orange zest tincture and a mix of essential oils (orange, grapefruit, verbena and mint).

The base of the soap consists of a combination of olive oil EV, shea and cocoa butters.
Loofah helps to exfoliate the skin and enhance blood circulation on the skin surface, remove dead skin cells and reveal fresh, youthful skin.

Fresh bright aroma boosts energy and courage.
Natural dyeing deriving only from orange juice and zest tincture and natural scents from essential oils.

Caution: in case of sensitive skin act carefully, loofah can cause irritation.

Ingredients: Made with orange juice, saponified oils of olive, coconut, palm, shea, castor, with the addition of orange tincture, essential oils of grapefruit, orange, lemon verbena and natural loofah.

Weight: 110g +/- 10g.

Piece weight at the time of cutting, as gradually the natural soap becomes lighter, but harder and more economical to use.

Store in a dark, non-heated place until use. Soap can be naturally scented in a dresser drawer or on a closet shelf. The fragrance and color may fade over time, but the soap's cleansing and caring properties only become brighter.

Our soap is packaged in paper that I color with plants myself.
Do not wrap it in polyethylene or cellophane, it is alive and needs to breathe.