A set of Calissons

This delicate set features soap made inspired by the Provençal dessert calissons. The calissons are made with almonds - this soap has a high percentage of almond oil, the soap cleanses gently and gently.

"Melon and bitter orange blossom."
"Rosemary and almond."

Essential oils of neroli, lavender, rosemary, extracts of vanilla, bitter almond, fleurdorange, tinctures created a subtle pleasant aroma. It turned out to be an exquisite pleasant  combination, without frank herb tartness and confectionery sweetness.

All the colors are only from natural additives.

The oval piece is very comfortable in the hand.

Decoration: kraft box, paper filler, dry flowers of gypsophila and bougainvillea, tishyu paper.

The set comes with a printout with the description and composition of each soap.