An evening in Jaffa

We live in the south of Tel Aviv, in Jaffa. Sometimes, in the evenings, I like to walk through the old, tangled streets. It has its own acoustics and light, and the deepest shadows can be suddenly brightened by a lush cap of blooming bougainvillea.

So, while walking I came up with this soap one day, reminiscent of kissing in a bougainvillea thicket.

More than half of the base oil blend of shea, olive and cocoa, the soap gently cleanses and gives the skin a sensual floral fragrance of ylang and palmarosa.

Ingredients: Made from the decoction of the bark of cherry bark, saponified shea, olive EV, coconut, cocoa and castor oils, with the addition of essential oils of ylang and palmarosa; decorated with bougainvillea petals

Weight:  60g +/- 5g.

Piece weight at the time of cutting, as natural soap gradually becomes lighter, yet firmer and more economical to use.

Store in a dark, non-heated place until use. Soap can be naturally scented in a dresser drawer or on a closet shelf. The fragrance and color may fade over time, but the soap's cleansing and caring properties only become brighter.

Our soap is packaged in paper that I color with plants myself.
Do not wrap it in polyethylene or cellophane, it is alive and needs to breathe.

When you use it, make sure that it stays in a dry soap dish - it will last longer.