In Israel, I walk around constantly looking at plants that are new to me, often touching their leaves, tasting their scent. One of the first aromatic discoveries here was spurge, aka Mexican mint, Spanish thyme: Indian cucumber, Cuban oregano or, scientifically, plectrantus. It has anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

From the succession of names it is clear that the smell of it is bright and complex, with shades of many spicy herbs at once, which in the bouquet create something special-your own with a musky note. I could not help but try to make soap with spurge, I made for him different types of infusions, looking forward to what will turn out - alas, the smell in the soap was not preserved, it turned out just a pleasant aroma of good soap.

And the soap is really wonderful, it contains 50% of spurge macerate on EV olive oil, which makes the cleansing especially mild and yet effective. After using it on the skin for some time remains a feeling and fragrance of gentle cleanliness.

Ingredients: made from spurge decoction; from spurge macerate on olive  EV oil, coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil, cocoa butter; with the addition of spurge tincture, glycerin and sorbitol.

Weight: 100 +/- 10g

Piece weight at the time of cutting, as natural soap gradually becomes lighter, but harder and more economical to use.

Store in a dark, non-heated place until use. Soap can be naturally scented in a dresser drawer or on a closet shelf. The fragrance and color may fade over time, but the soap's cleansing and caring properties only get brighter.

Our soap is packaged in paper that I color with plants myself.
Do not wrap it in polyethylene or cellophane, it is alive and must breathe.