Anise with mint on coconut milk

Ingredients: Made with coconut milk; consisting of shea butter (30%), coconut oil, palm oil, sweet almond oil, castor oil; with the addition of peppermint and nettle tincture and essential oils of anise and peppermint.
Weight: 55 +/- 5 grams

This soap becomes lighter with each passing day because during its preparation, the oils were whipped to an airy cream state. Gradually, it becomes so light that it can float on the surface of water.
Before use, store it in a cool, dark place. The soap can serve as a natural air freshener in a drawer or on a shelf. Over time, the scent and color may fade, but the cleansing and caring properties of the soap only become brighter.
Our soap is wrapped in paper, which I dye myself using plants. Do not wrap it in polyethylene or cellophane; it's alive and needs to breathe.
When using, make sure the soap rests in a dry soap dish - this way it will last longer.