Yogurt with figs, honey and lavender

Greek yogurt with fig chunks, honey and a pinch of fresh lavender - I came up with this dessert and made soap. Both are delicious, delicate, healthy, each in their own way

The soap is made on Greek yogurt with the addition of fig puree. The base composition is a 70% blend of sweet almond, shea, mango and cocoa butters, which makes cleansing gentle and pleasant even for dry skin.

The fragrance at first had baking and lavender in it, but as it matured, the overt associations with both went away and the scent of perfumed expensive soap came through - however, that's just the way it is).
On the photo the soap soon after cooking, ripened, it became a little lighter in color.

Ingredients: Made on Greek yogurt, from saponified oils of almond, shea, coconut, mango, cocoa, castor, with the addition of honey, fig puree, tincture of fig leaves; in the colored part with tincture of mirena, glycerin, sorbitol and essential oil of lavender.

Weight: 60 =/- 5g

Piece weight at the time of cutting, as natural soap gradually becomes lighter but harder and more economical to use.

Store in a dark, non-heated place until use. Soap can be naturally scented in a dresser drawer or on a closet shelf. The fragrance and color may fade over time, but the soap's cleansing and caring properties only become brighter.

Our soap is packaged in paper that I color with plants myself.
Do not wrap it in polyethylene or cellophane, it is alive and needs to breathe.
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